Australian Aerospace announces the sale of a multi-role Dauphin AS365 N3 helicopter to the Western Australia Police.

The contract, worth more than $10 million, will provide a much-needed second helicopter for the state’s police – the helicopter is due to be delivered in September 2011.

The AS365 N3 is the latest version in Eurocopter’s Dauphin range. It is a four tonne, medium size, twin-engine helicopter which has a range of 650km and features state-of-the-art avionics.

The helicopter can perform missions in the most severe climatic conditions at high altitudes and high temperatures. Its large power margin allows rooftop landings and takeoffs in urban areas in complete safety.

Around 650 Dauphin aircraft are operated by police, homeland security and search and rescue agencies around the world, including three being flown by Victoria Police.

Karl O’Callaghan, Western Australia Police Commissioner says the Dauphin is a vital addition to the state’s police air wing.

"Having two helicopters will increase the capacity of Western Australia Police to provide aerial support to frontline policing, search and rescue, counter terrorism operations and whole-of-government emergency management response," Commissioner O’Callaghan says.

Dr Jens Goennemann, Chief Executive Officer Australian Aerospace believes the Dauphin is the ideal helicopter for the Western Australia Police.

“The Dauphin can operate in the extreme temperatures which are common in many parts of Western Australia,” he says. “It is powered by two Turbomeca ARRIEL 2C gas turbines, which means the helicopter can take off at maximum weight at more than 50° Celsius or at more than 40° Celsius with a full load in Category A conditions at sea level.

AS365 Dauphin operated by Thai Coast Guard in action

“Combining best value for money and a wide range of capabilities, the Dauphin represents the most cost-effective solution to meeting the Western Australia Police mission requirement.”

News of the sale comes as Australian Aerospace supported a wide range of Eurocopter helicopters at the HeliPacific 2010 conference on the Gold Coast.

The number and variety of Eurocopter helicopters being showcased at HeliPacific underscores the depth and quality of the rotary-wing products which Australian Aerospace both manufactures and supports in the Australia-Pacific military and civil aviation markets.

They include the latest word in basic/advanced aircrew trainers, the EC135 – essentially the civil version of the military EC635 – which is being proposed as the new trainer for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

“Australian Aerospace has a great deal of experience in providing customised training solutions to the Commonwealth,” says Dr Goennemann, “so we are well positioned and ready to build on our strategic partnership with the Commonwealth through the AIR 9000 Phase 7 program.”

Australian Aerospace’s HeliPacific lineup comprised 10 helicopters, including:

EC120B: This light five seat, single-engine aircraft is a multi-purpose helicopter designed to provide its users with mission flexibility. Modern and featuring advanced technology such as the fully-duplex Vehicle/Engine Multi-Function Display (VEMD) which enables the pilot to see at a glance the main parameters of the platform and engines, new generation fenestron, crashworthy seats and fuel system, the EC120 is a safe, quiet and comfortable aircraft. With very low operating costs and outstanding performance, the EC120 is the most efficient aircraft in its class.

AS350 B2/B3/SD2: These light, 5/6 passenger, enhanced/high performance helicopters are particularly suited to aerial work, police missions, or the private user due to their versatility and low operating costs. The AS350 B2 can carry pilot, medical crew and patient as well as stowed equipment at 246 km/h (133 kts). The latest version features VEMD. The AS350 B3 goes even farther, faster and higher and is superior to all other helicopters in its class. Especially adapted to extreme conditions (high altitude/hot temperatures) its speed and comfort also make it an excellent business helicopter.

EC135: The ideal aircraft for basic and advanced helicopter aircrew training, the EC135 is well suited to the AIR9000 Phase 7 program, being agile and responsive with multi-role capability. Offering high mission availability and low operating costs, the EC135 presents unrivalled safety on the ground and in flight. The high visibility contemporary glass cockpit provides commonality with the military ARH Tiger, MRH90 and the NH90 NFH.

BK117: Seating from seven to 10 people, the BK117 is a twin-engine, medium utility/transport helicopter popular for passenger and VIP transport. It is also used for aerial crane and sling work, law enforcement, military transport and is exceptional as an air ambulance and search and rescue platform. Its successor was developed from the BK117C-1 version and is now produced as the EC145, but with a much larger cabin and incorporating modern features from the EC135.

ARH Tiger: The ARH Tiger is a two-seat, attack helicopter designed to perform a wide range of missions. Faster and more agile than its competitors, the ARH Tiger can detect and engage targets at longer ranges, and more easily coordinate and control combined arms teams. The Tiger incorporates cutting-edge technologies including: composite airframe to minimise weight and reduce radar cross-section; latest-generation engines and rotors; an integrated suite of sensors and weapons; built-in low-cost maintenance design and latest generation target identification and acquisition sight. Inherently stealthy in radar cross-section, the Tiger employs infra-red suppression techniques to minimise infra-red detectability.

Eurocopter machines on display at HeliPacific 2010

About Australian Aerospace:
Australian Aerospace Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurocopter - a part of the European Aeronautic Defence & Space Group (EADS). Created in 2003 through the merger of Eurocopter International Pacific Limited and Australian Aerospace Pty Ltd, the company has evolved into a major defence supplier to the Australian Government. With more than 1000 staff in Australia and New Zealand and access to the financial strength and expertise of Eurocopter and the EADS Group, the company is well-positioned to manufacture and support military and civil helicopters in the Australia-Pacific region. In addition to its helicopter capabilities, Australian Aerospace has a long history of fixed wing support to the Australian Defence Force.

Currently it is assembling and delivering 22 ARH Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopters to the Australian Army and 46 MRH90 multi-role helicopters to the Army and Navy. It also provides support for the RAAF AP3C Orion reconnaissance aircraft and, until recently, the now retired Caribou transport fleet. Last year it commenced a through-life-support role for C-130J Hercules transports. The company is also involved in supporting the RAAF’s new Airbus A330-based Multi-Role Tanker-Transport (MRTT) aircraft.

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